Northside Catholic School : Athletics

Sports Supported by NCAA:

Boys Junior Varsity Football

Boys Varsity Football

K-2 Co-ed Instructional Basketball

3rd and 4th grade Co-ed Basketball

Boys Junior Varsity Basketball

Boys Varsity Basketball

Girls Junior Varsity Basketball

Girls Varsity Basketball

Pep Squad

Varsity and Junior Varsity Cheerleading Squads


Athletic Association

The Northside Catholic Athletic Association (NCAA) facilitates the coordination of Football, Basketball, as well as the Cheerleading Squad, provides spirit wear, and maintains the Rev. Thomas B. Ferris Gymnasium. 

Coaches, facilities, uniforms, and scheduling are all provided by and arranged through the Association. NCAA is mostly funded through monies taken in at the gate of sporting events, donations, concessions, 50/50 raffle, and the JV Boys Basketball Tournament.  Families also pay a “Booster Fee.”

Time Commitment and Duties

The NCAA meets monthly.  Aside from the monthly meeting, the time commitment and duties vary depending on the position and sport.  Responsibilities include: helping maintain the gym, staffing games, working the gate, concessions, selling 50/50 and providing security.  Dances, banquets, Golden Bowl Pep Rally and After Party, and tournaments are also sponsored by the NCAA.  Everything is done on a volunteer basis.  All coaching volunteers must register with the Diocesan Database and complete all clearance requirements.