Northside Catholic School : Teachers Talk School

Teachers Talk School

Teachers’ Book Picks!

Oh the Places You’ll Go by: Dr. Seuss

Charlotte’s Web by: E.B. White

Chrysanthemum by: Kevin Henkes

The Giving Tree by: Shel Silverstein

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever by: Barbara Robinson

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by: C.S. Lewis


Teachers’ Favorite School Memories

With decades of school years to choose from, it is difficult for the teachers of Northside Catholic to narrow it down to one favorite memory.  All of the Northside Catholic School teachers enjoy special visits from their former students.  The most memorable moments are seeing former students who have entered into a career that they are clearly designed for, and who have found happiness in their field.  

  • Getting cards and letters from former students doing well in high school math thanking me for making them do all the hard work necessary to get through their elementary  math class. They don't see it at the time but come to realize it later on.
  • My best memories as a teacher are the Kindergarten Graduation Ceremonies.  I reflect upon all of the students' progress over the course of the year and it makes me proud of their efforts.
  • The first day I began teaching I knew I was doing the only thing I ever wanted to do!


The BEST Part of the School Year

Some may joke that the three best parts of being a teacher are June, July and August, however the “best” parts of being a Northside Catholic School teacher involve the students!

  • August to June-I get a surprise everyday in the classroom.  I like the school Masses with the children. And last but not least, lunch. Our school cafeteria workers do a great job!
  • My favorite time of the school year is the beginning. I think the students and I are both anxious to learn. I am anxious to learn about them and what direction their learning needs to go.   I am excited to help them reach their goals.
  • There are a few times that are my favorite. Advent when we have many prayer services and activities and discuss customs at home and around the world.  Catholic Schools Week when the children celebrate their school and the Easter season when I see the students begin to really understand what you have been teaching and tie all the faith lessons together. It is great.
  • The beginning of the year is wonderful, a fresh start, children coming back to see and make new friends.


Our teachers are passionate about their profession, here’s why:

  • Preparing the future leaders of the world is a big responsibility of which I do not take lightly. To get the students to think, act and become contributing members of society you have to be quite diligent in accepting that challenge. Plus, to help our children deepen their faith in God and seeing each other in a loving and compassionate manner takes more than just reading, writing and arithmetic.
  • The rewards of seeing the child’s growth and development.
  • I enjoy watching the children grow in their faith and knowledge. I enjoy the challenge of coming up with ways to reach them and it is rewarding to see them grow into responsible adults.  I enjoy learning new methods to teach and have also found it to be stimulating and challenging. It is a very important job and I know I make a difference in our world. That is important to me. 
  • I am passionate about teaching because I love school! I believe you can accomplish great things when you love what you are doing. My favorite aspect of the job is seeing the excitement in my students when they enter the classroom. Also, every day brings new things and the job is never boring! I love using technology to make learning more meaningful and fun.
  • I love to come up with different approaches to teach a concept using all the senses. Planning the classroom and the routines needed for a smooth running classroom is also fun. I do love the interaction of the faculty and staff as we make sure each child reaches their potential.